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Electronic Devices Policy

The district provides each middle school student with a chromebook for school-related work purposes.

Student use of cell phones is not permitted from 8:00am - 2:50pm.

Use of Personal Electronic Devices

Connection of any personal electronic device to any network on school grounds is subject to all regulations and guidelines in this document Connection of student or staff personal laptops to the District network must be equipped with up-to-date virus software, compatible network card and is configured properly.

Mobile Devices Policy

The District may provide users with mobile computers or other devices to promote learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Any and all use of mobile devices provided by the District is subject to the terms of this agreement

Users are expected to treat these devices with extreme care and caution; these are expensive devices that the school is entrusting to your care. Users are to report any loss, damage, or malfunction to IT staff immediately, Users may be financially accountable for any damage resulting from negligence or misuse. (Cost of district- provided device varies but typically is about $500)