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EMS PTA uses various channels and platforms to communicate and share information important to the EMS community. It helps us stay connected and informed with not only the various events and programs within the school but also in the broader community. We have a varied ecosystem with a lot of moving pieces is comprehensive and dedicated portal for our school's PTA. This platform operates separately from the official Greenwich Public Schools site. On, you'll find a comprehensive range of services and features. The EMS Parent Dashboard give options to buy tickets various for the student events, volunteer , pay for the PTA membership which gives you access to the online parents directory, purchase SpiritWear and much more.

We send information via the weekly Newsletter GatorBytes, emails, notifications on your app, and/or email, regarding upcoming events, ticket sales, volunteer signups, and more!

Please visit our Communications & Information webpage to learn more.

Update or Create a free profile on Please ensure your profile and contact information are correct to receive accurate and timely information for different stakeholders. 

Please use this form to request a tour of Eastern Middle School. The tours are given by volunteers of the EMS PTA.

Please visit our website at

You can reach us at if you have any questions.

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