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What is Wordmasters?

The Wordmasters Challenge is a national analogies-solving contest open to all Eastern Middle School students. Participation in all three competitions builds vocabulary and encourages higher-level verbal reasoning abilities. The Challenge consists of three 20-minute meets. The first contest (December) is based on the initial 25-word list. The second contest (February)adds 25 more words and is based on a cumulative pool of 50 words. The third contest (April) adds 25 more words and is based on a cumulative pool of 75 words.

Students who want to participate in Wordmasters should:

1) Pick up each word list as soon as it becomes available from your English teacher.  
2) Look up and learn word definitions. Make study cards or sheets.
3) Attend a before-school discussion session. Consult the schedule to choose the date that corresponds with your grade level. Listen to Morning Announcements for possible schedule changes. The most successful WordMasters participants discuss, study, and play with the words with adults at home.
4) Take the 20-minute test.
ALP English students study WordMasters words and take tests in ALP English class; however, all students are welcome to join the before-school word list discussions that correspond to their grade.