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Intramural Sports

Eastern Middle School Intramural Program:
*Athletic Director:

Intramurals:  One of the main objectives of intramurals is to provide every student with the opportunity to play and enjoy various sports and leisure activities, under the supervision of a certified staff member.  Students can come when they choose.  There are no try-outs.  Basic instruction is given.  The primary focus is student centered and it is purely recreational.  All activities are free! 

March 4th - June 7th, 2024 (session 2)

**Activities and dates subject to change**

The Intramural Program will be on hold from 3/25 - 4/1 and will resume on Tuesday 4/2/24






Mat ball
Indoor Soccer (Gym) Floor Hockey
Fitness Center     *No late buses on Fridays!

Intramural Rules

  • No tryouts/sign up/forms/equipment are needed!!
  • Time: 2:50-4:00pm (Bus riders are able to ride the 4:10pm late bus)
  • Unfortunately, there are no longer late buses on Fridays.
  • Students need a pass from a teacher to enter intramurals from 2:55 - 3:10 pm and no students will be accepted after 3:10 pm.
  • Students should plan to stay for the entire duration.
  • All intramurals initially meet on the boys locker room side of the gym.